Boarding – Since Riverbrook Animal Hospital focuses on preventative/wellness care and on medical care, our limited hospital space prevents us, in most instances, from overnight boarding of non-medical cases.

We do offer:

  • Day boarding of animals is available.
  • Non-medical overnight boarding of cats is available.
  • Boarding of dogs or cats that need medication (diabetic animals, for example) or requests for pets to board before or after a surgical procedure will be allowed on a case by case basis. Overall we do NOT board dogs.
  • Proof of current vaccinations is required for all boarders to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Dogs are required to be current on Rabies, Distemper-Parvo and Bordetella vaccinations.
  • Cats are required to be current on Rabies and Distemper/Upper Respiratory Virus vaccinations.


Riverbrook staff will discuss your needs for overnight boarding of your pet(s) and can refer you to qualified in-home pet sitters or boarding facilities.

Kennel cough (Bordetella) vaccine is required for boarding. It works best when done at least 5-7 days before boarding. We highly recommend your pet getting updated on the Bordetella vaccine prior to boarding, but you can call the boarding facility and check to see if your pet will be required to have the Bordetella vaccine to board. If so, we can schedule a convenient time to give the vaccination before boarding begins.



Again, because our focus is geared toward excellence in medical care, we do not have an on-site groomer. However, we do offer certain grooming services such as nail trim, anal gland expression (if applicable) and ear cleaning (not ear hair plucking). We also provide medicated baths for dogs and cats with special skin disorders. We have a list of local area groomers if your pet’s needs are beyond our offerings.


We provide medicated baths for dogs and cats with special skin disorders if recommended by one of our Doctors as a treatment plan.