Riverbrook Animal Hospital uses state-of-the-art radiographic equipment which allows us to quickly read radiographs in-house.  We are also able to send radiographs via the internet and e-mail to radiology specialists for second opinions. We frequently utilize radiographs to evaluate bones for fractures, arthritis, spinal conditions as well as to evaluate your pet’s heart, lungs, abdomen, urinary bladder and other important areas of the body. We also have dental radiographs which are used to evaluate the roots of teeth below the gumline. Radiographs are an invaluable tool to aid in the proper diagnosis and treatment of your pet. 


Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging procedure that we are proud to offer to your pet. Using images produced by sound waves, we are able to see pictures of internal organs inside the chest and abdomen of your pet. It can be an invaluable tool to diagnose and make treatment suggestions for various types of heart, liver or kidney disease, bladder issues, cancer and many other health problems your pet may face. Another advantage is that it is a painless procedure that can usually be done without sedating or anesthetizing your pet.



A physical exam allows us to evaluate your pet on the outside, but often we need to know what is going on with the inside. Because time is sometimes of the essence, we utilize a state-of-the-art laboratory suite in-house to run tests on blood, urine and feces so that an immediate diagnosis can be made. The sooner we know the problem, the sooner we can start treatment and get your pet on their way back to health.

For routine wellness testing and more complex blood tests we also utilize an outside laboratory that gives accurate results in a timely manner.


At Riverbrook Animal Hospital, we maintain a complete pharmacy of medications for your pet. We believe in the accuracy and convenience this service provides you and your pet. Filling your pet’s prescriptions with us ensures that their medical records remain current and accurate and allows for a direct line of communication between you and the prescribing doctor. Refills are also easy by simply calling our office in advance to have them ready for you. Human pharmacists are not familiar with dosing and possible side effects of prescribed medications in your pet which is critical information to the health and life of your pet.