We perform a wide variety of surgeries at Riverbrook Animal Hospital. From routine spay and neutering, to feline declaws, dental cleanings with extractions if needed, tumor removals, to various other more complicated soft-tissue surgeries. Orthopedic surgeries are referred to board-certified orthopedic surgeons to ensure the best possible outcome.

Electing a surgical procedure for your pet can be a difficult decision to make. We have protocols in place to ensure that your pet undergoes a safe, comfortable and non-traumatic surgical experience. We are well equipped with a complete surgical suite and staff who are thoroughly trained in the latest and safest monitoring techniques. We recommend pre-anesthetic bloodwork for all patients to ensure their ability to process the anesthesia. We utilize IV catheters and IV fluids to maintain proper blood pressure and fluid support throughout every procedure. We also believe that pain management is vital in providing high quality, compassionate care for your pet. We are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss surgical procedures, recovery, post-op care and any other concerns you may have prior to scheduling your pet for any procedure.